Experience with MAT was excellent

Experience with MAT was excellent

My entire experience with MAT was excellent, and I had an amazing time in Morocco! Our tour was planned out well, and our driver, Anas, was personable, helpful and shared loads of information about his country. My favorite part of the trip was the camel ride in the Sahara desert, but I also loved our time spent in Fes, and enjoyed all the places we visited. I enjoyed interacting with the people, trying all the delicious Moroccan food, and taking photographs of the various terrains in Morocco. I’ve never before visited a relatively small country that has it all- the ocean, mountains, desert, forest, ancient ruins and interesting cities- until I visited Morocco.

While Morocco, as a nation, is not what any Westerner would consider “accessible,” improvements have been made in recent years, and what makes up for the lack of accessibility is the Moroccan people’s willingness to help and their welcoming attitude. I embraced the warmth and kindness of the people, so the steps, lack of curb cuts and rough terrain didn’t even phase me. And being a disability law expert and disability rights advocate in the U.S., it was surprising to me that I didn’t care that I couldn’t be fully independent all of the time. Not once did I feel excluded on this trip, and that’s because people actually wanted to help me fully experience their country. I think I learned a lot about myself and may be more willing to accept some unsolicited offers of assistance in the USA, offers that have annoyed me in the past!

Kelly Narowski March 27, 2018

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Jeremy yearns to see a place where family and friends can explore together in creative ways – regardless of limitations or abilities. Whether it is camel rides, trekking, or navigating the streets of an old city, he seeks solutions to barriers. Jeremy is a doctor of physiotherapy with 10 years of experience in the United States. After working at a summer camp for children with disabilities, he became passionate about creating accessibility. He lives in Fes, Morocco with his beautiful wife and 3 kids. He loves playing guitar, singing worship songs, rock climbing, and backpacking – especially with his family! Languages Spoken: English, Arabic (العربية) and some Spanish (Español)

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